Adoption in Kentucky

Adoption is a wonderful and exciting time in a families life. There is no greater JOY then to bring that little one home for the 1st time or to show a step child how much they mean to you by completing an adoption. Adoption can also be a very scary time in your life when you are worried if the process is going along ok or you are worried about the birth mother keeping the child or the adoption agency not being able to find a match for your family with a child. The concerns seem limitless with adoption in Kentucky. Our focus is to keep you fully informed of the facts and the situation with your adoption no matter what the case may be.

Let us handle all of the legal situations so that you can prepare your home and family for the new addition or additions in your life. The emotional process of adoption in Northern Kentucky can take a toll on your mind, We have the experience and history to walk you through the process successfully and as stress free as possible.

Finding a Northern Kentucky Adoption Agency

If you are considering adoption, conduct some research about the Northern Kentucky adoption agencies. Each adoption agency will have strengths in different types of adoptions. Asking questions about their structure and operations is important for identifying the agency you will ultimately work with for your new family addition.

Understanding their fees and how they prepare families for adoption is a big part of the process. Ask for references of other parents that you can speak with about their experience. Although you are in the early stages of the adoption process, it’s recommended that you hire a Boone County attorney right away to assist you. I can give you the right contacts with Northern Kentucky Adoption Agencies that will work well with your unique situation and be there to help support you.

Kentucky Homestudy for Adoption

The term homestudy refers to a series of meetings you’ll have with a social worker from the State of Kentucky. The purpose of the Kentucky Homestudy is to make sure you fully understand the adoption and what it means to adopt in Kentucky as well as make sure you meet the state requirements for adoption. You will prepare a large amount of documentation from birth certificates to marriage license (when applicable). The Social Worker will review credit reports and 6 months bank statements and tax returns and Job information. The social worker puts together a report based on the documents they have received and the meetings they have conducted with you and your family. The Kentucky Social Worker also makes a recommendation positive or negative to the courts about your ability or inability to handle the situation and the new child into your home. Serving as a Boone County attorney for many years I can advise you on the specifics of the homestudy process and how you should prepare to make the process smooth and simple.

Begin Your Search for a child

Once your homestudy has been approved, you can participate actively in your search alongside your adoption agency. Once you have selected a child or in some cases a soon to be mother selects you to adopt her child, exchanged information with that child’s agency the real process to adoption in Kentucky will start. Each situation is unique so your Kentucky Adoption Agency will continue to work with you and me for several months after the placement to help you adjust and to oversee the process.

Kentucky Independent Adoption Information

Independent adoptions are more common in Kentucky due to strict Adoption laws that are not as common in other states. Typically many want to be parents have already been contacted by someone wanting to give their child up for adoption. There is no need for an Adoption Agency in Kentucky if the Child has already been identified. In this case Independent adoptions can save money and energy for those involved. We have worked many Independent Adoption cases in Northern Kentucky and can help you understand the difference if this fits your situation. Click here for more details.

Kentucky Foster Parent Adoption

Foster care adoptions are notoriously complex, which is why so many parents seek the advice of Cynthia R Clausen, Attorney at Law. Although the process of adopting from Kentucky foster care is similar to general adoption, hiring an attorney to file your petition and verify compliance at all stages of the process can make the entire procedure operate much more smoothly. Foster care laws are set up to give birth parents the custody of the child or children until death unless the parents voluntarily terminate that custody or unless social services terminates it, which is why adopting from foster care can be so complicated. If you’ve developed a loving relationship with your foster child and you’d like to consider adopting, schedule a meeting with Northern Kentucky attorneys today. Click Here for more details.

Kentucky Step-Parent and Grandparent Adoption Information

Step parents and grandparents actually complete the adoption process more than most think. If the biological parent is still involved in the child’s life, a petition must be approved to terminate the parental rights of those individuals. In many step-parent and grandparent cases, there are multiple family members involved in the situation, which can heighten the emotional tension. Officially adopting children can be an exciting process, but it can also feel overwhelming and confusing at times. At the law offices of Cynthia R Clausen, we have worked with numerous types of adoption cases, and we’re committed to assisting you through the entire process with compassion. Click Here for more details.

No matter your situation, adoption can be a wonderful way to add to your family or to make your family whole. The process of adoption in Kentucky requires a lot of paperwork, procedures, and legal knowledge. Working with Cynthia R Clausen will give you the confidence and peace of mind that you’re being represented by the best. Contact us today to begin your adoption journey.