Child Support

Although child support in Northern Kentucky can be relatively straightforward, it’s a critical component for both parents entering the process. The court has already established guidelines regarding the determination of child support with specific calculations. Working with a Boone County attorney can help ensure that the child support guidelines are adhered to, since child support can be one of the most important decisions coming out of a divorce.

To start the child support process, some information and documentation must be provided to the courts. Knowing what to expect in advance can help to reduce confusion and delays. Our goal is to work directly with you for a fair consideration of all the issues in your case. Some families may even have incomes above the child support guidelines in Kentucky.

Child support payments are made by the noncustodial parent to provide for the care of his or her child. The noncustodial parent is the individual who doesn’t have the literal physical custody of a child, and medical support for those children may also be required by the court.

The Kentucky Child Support Enforcement Agency plays a key role in helping parents where child support is an issue. They assist with the location of noncustodial parents, the establishment of paternity when necessary, the enforcement of child support or medical support orders, and the collection of current or past due child support.

An attorney will be appointed to ensure that the state’s interest in the children being cared for is represented, but this is not the same thing as having an attorney that represents the interest of one spouse or another. Each parent is responsible for obtaining their own attorney to represent their interests. Although there are specific guidelines for child support in the state of Kentucky, it’s critical to have your rights represented in a child support case. Don’t find out too late that you need an attorney. Discuss your case with Cynthia R Clause quickly so that you are aware of what you are responsible for and what you can expect in the course of your case.

Once a child support order has been put into place, it is possible to request an increase or decrease in the amount. A written request for a review has to be submitted to your local child support office and provide detailed income information, like pay stubs or W-2 information. In order for a change to be awarded, it must be clear that a significant and continuing change in the life of the parent has occurred. The amount, either being reduced or increased by 15% or more, must be followed with a legal action to alter that amount, if the proper documentation has been submitted.

Northern Kentucky child support orders end when the child involved turns 18, except where that child is still enrolled in high school at that time. Sometimes, the court may order support to continue beyond those dates. To learn more about child support and how it might affect your case, contact us to discuss your options.