Contested/Uncontested Divorce

There are two primary types of divorce: contested and uncontested divorces in Kentucky. Knowing what applies to your individual situation can help you determine how to prepare and plan for the expense, the length of time involved, and possible emotional costs of engaging in divorce process. Cynthia R Clausen has the experience to help you fully understand your options with contested or uncontested divorces in Kentucky. This option is available to you if both you and your spouse are able to agree on the issues without requiring the court to make decisions where you disagree. The agreements must be in all areas, including visitation schedules, child support, child custody, division of any existing debts, spousal support, and decisions regarding marital property.

There are several benefits to an uncontested divorce.

  • This approach to divorce is usually less stressful for both parties involved
  • Reduces the level of emotion for involved children.
  • Helps to set the tone for a civil relationship after the divorce is finalized.
  • The costs of divorce are dramatically reduced with uncontested divorces.
  • In most of these scenarios, only one spouse usually will hire a Northern Kentucky Attorney to draft the divorce papers.
  • The process then moves forward with the official signing of the papers.
  • Most of the time, the cost to hire the Northern Kentucky attorney is split between the two parties.

When you move forward with an uncontested divorce, a court appearance for you and any children is not required. The Boone County Divorce Attorney you work with can create any necessary motions and file them. Since successfully obtaining an uncontested divorce can be extremely complex and difficult, especially if there are any disputes between the parties. Working with Northern Kentucky attorneys is the best way to ensure that you’re prepared for an effective uncontested divorce.

Northern Kentucky Contested Divorce

Most divorces come down to four primary issues over which couples do not agree: debt division, child custody, division of property, and payment of child and spousal support. When couples cannot agree on how these issues will come down on their own, they must proceed through the court system to obtain resolutions and agreements surrounding these issues. Contested divorces require a deep understanding of the law and your individual situation. Cynthia R Clausen is here to make sure the Divorce goes as planned and can help guide you through your unique situation.

In a contested divorce, there are generally high stakes as well as technical legal maneuvers for each party. While it may be possible to complete an uncontested divorce without the guidance of an attorney, a contested divorce requires the assistance of a lawyer in order to ensure that your rights are represented. Motions and filing of documents will be a critical part of a contested divorce, and this requires the experience of a qualified attorney.

Although many people would generally prefer to have an uncontested divorce, it’s generally very unlikely that both spouses will agree on every issue. Even the smallest of arguments can stall an uncontested divorce. Regardless of the avenue you pursue, you’ll need the expertise of Northern Kentucky attorneys experienced in family law and divorces.