Fathers Rights in NKY

The belief that Northern Kentucky child custody determinations are often in favor of the mother, many fathers are nervous about entering a child custody case in the state of Kentucky. Parenting opportunities for fathers have increased significantly over the past few years, but many fathers are still concerned about how the case will play out in court. Working with an attorney to generate a fair and reasonable parenting plan will protect your rights in court and ensure that you see your children as much as possible.

When two parents disagree about an initial custody arrangement, a mediator or a judge may awarded temporary custody order to provide a plan while the divorce case is being carried out. This gives the judge in the court the opportunity to review witnesses and relevant evidence to create a comprehensive custody plan at the completion of the case.

Fathers in Northern Kentucky have several rights with regard to their children and custody cases. Working with an experienced attorney is the best way to prepare yourself for contested custody case. Courts generate custody orders after evaluating many different factors, including the welfare of the child, any history of abuse on behalf of either parent, the current relationship with parents and siblings, any alcohol or drug abuse by either parent, and the child adjustment to their surroundings and community.  Boone County Kentucky judges are driven by the best interest of the child standard when evaluating in determining child custody arrangements.

Custody arrangements can take several different forms.

  • Joint custody refers to arrangements were both parents share legal and physical custody of the children.
  • Sole physical custody refers to a situation where the child is supervised by and lives with one parent more than the other. In this scenario, the other parent may have visitation with the child or children.
  • In a joint custody agreement regarding the physical location of the children, each parent will be awarded significant periods of physical time and responsibility with the child.
  • Sole legal custody refers to scenarios in which only one parent has a responsibility and right to make decisions about the welfare, education, and health of the child.
  • Joint legal custody is an arrangement where both parents have equal decision-making responsibilities regarding the children.

Fathers share many rights with mothers when it comes to contested custody cases. For example, fathers have the right to control or limit interruptions during their personal visitation time with the children, the right to notify a judge or police of custody orders that have in any way been violated, the right to attend and schedule activities with the child during a scheduled visitation, and the right to obtain an injunction stopping the other parent from transporting the child or children to another state. Since there are so many factors involved of the contested custody case, it’s critical that Northern Kentucky fathers hire Cynthia R Clausen to help in family law and child custody determinations.