Grandparents Rights

Being a grandparent and watching a contested custody case unfold can be heartbreaking, especially when you are concerned about the well-being of your grandchildren and your future relationship with those children. As relatives of the children involved, you have rights, too. Obtaining Northern Kentucky legal counsel is the only way to ensure that your rights and interests are being represented in the courtroom.

In Northern Kentucky, grandparents are eligible to assert their rights in custody or visitation of the children when certain circumstances apply. If grandparents are able to prove that one or both parents are preventing the children from interacting with their grandparents, or that the child is in present danger of abuse or harm, a grandmother or grandfather may have a claim to Boone County child custody or visitation rights. In order to assert these claims, the grandparents bringing them must be able to prove that they are free from negative influences on the children as well.

Boone County Kentucky child custody standards are based on the best interests of the child, so if a court determines that a child’s best interests include schedule visitation with grandparents, that may be considered in your case. To demonstrate the factors for this consideration and to develop a plan of action, you’ll need to speak with attorneys experienced in the rights of grandparents when it comes to child custody. Even if your original wishes are not possible, experienced Northern Kentucky Attorneys will be able to help you navigate the system and come up with alternative options to proceed.

Sometimes, grandparents may be in the position of becoming full-time parents once again in the form of taking custody of grandchildren. There are scenarios in which grandparents may be able to have the same rights as the biological parents, although the court does retain the right to review past history (including divorce) when making this determination. The best way to prepare yourself for the legal possibility of a custody battle for your grandchildren, you need to schedule a consultation with Cynthia R Clausen. It can be difficult to alter custody decisions.

Custody battles can be notoriously difficult for all of the parties involved. In most Northern Kentucky family law matters, emotions and family dynamics can play a huge role in the overall experience. During the time of your grandparent custodial claim, remember to limit tense moments and to treat every interaction with parents or other individuals with the ultimate professionalism. Even when you have a documented history of a strong and beneficial relationship with your grandchildren, it’s important that the judge sees you making an effort to manage the matter civilly and responsibly. Try not to let your emotions influence your interactions with other stakeholders. Cynthia R Clausen will be here to walk you through the process beforehand and prepare you for potential challenges.

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