Independent Adoption

Adopting a child is an exciting process, but it can also be a time of high emotions and varying levels of stress. One of the most popular ways to adopt a child in Kentucky is to work directly with an attorney who specializes in Independent Adoptions.  Due to the restrictive nature of Kentucky Laws for adoption there are are only a few adoption agencies. Unlike other states Kentucky does not like to advertise adoption as an option to abortion so many looking for a child go out of state to adopt.

In cases where you have been approached to adopt a child or somehow came into contact with an adoption situation Independent adoption would be your best option.

Independent adoption is no different than an Agency adoption in the eyes of the state, the agency is simply left out.  Where normally the Agency would answer questions and give help you navigate through the adoption process an attorney would take the adoption agencies place.

Typically the adoption agency is used when there is no child identified yet and Agency performs tasks to find a child that fits the birth situation that you are looking for.  They will often find children in other states and help mange the situation going forward until birth.  The agency acts as the go between for the adoptive parents and the adoptive child until all is finalized.  Of course none of this comes FREE and in many cases can double or triple the costs to adopt.

If you have already identified a child or a situation has brought about the need for an adoption then you can bypass an agency and hire a lawyer directly.  You can still use an agency if you prefer but agency adds an extra step in the middle.  When you can deal with just a lawyer and the lawyer for the birth family the process can be so much smoother and less stressful, not to mention bring the cost down for the adoption.  Adoption can get expensive but with Independent adoptions you can cut the costs by not having the standard agency retainers of $5,000-10,000.

My experience with adoptions can be a great benefit if you are looking to complete an Independent adoption.  The main obstacles of dealing with the necessary state document requirements and helping you to find the best home study process can be overwhelming alone.  We can show you the right places to go and what specifically is needed to be ready when the child is born.  We can move into action and get the custody papers filed right away even on weekends to put your child in the rights arms quickly.

This is my favorite kind of law to work with.  Putting innocent children in the arms of loving parents.  There is no greater joy then bringing families together.

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