Mediation in NKY

Mediation is one of the most popular tools for alternative dispute resolution in Northern Kentucky Divorce and family law today.  Cynthia Clausens Boone County Mediation services have many benefits for a wide variety of families in need of legal assistance. Avoiding the traditional negative aspects of entering the courtroom, mediation allows for parties to work together, generating solutions that are more flexible and customized to the parties involved in the situation and can help not drag the family through all of the stress.

Mediation Eliminates Hassle

Waiting to be scheduled for traditional courtroom hearings can cause serious delays in any case, lengthening the emotional trauma and feelings of closure that are so critical in many Northern Kentucky family law matters. When it comes to mediation, parties can schedule their appointments and meetings much easier, based on their own schedule and the availability of the mediator. Unlike working with a judge, mediation allows for much faster initiations of a case, generally leading to more efficient solutions.  Cynthia R Clausen is a mediator that can help you make sense of the divorce situation in a fair and competent way.

Reduce Cost

Paying multiple Northern Kentucky attorneys an hourly rate to manage the numerous documents and procedures associated with the normal Divorce process can be a very expensive.  Since most mediation proceedings can be completed quicker than traditional approaches, the costs for all parties involved is much less. In addition to reaching a consensus much more quickly than would otherwise be achieved, parties are able to move on with their lives sooner rather than later. This can provide powerful emotional benefits in the form of closure. In the majority of cases, mediation offers a significant cost advantage over more tradition means, providing benefits to all parties involved.   One Lawyer who can mediate the process for both parties involved can simplify the process and reduce the cost.

Mediation Creates More Flexible Agreements

Going through a courtroom can make parties feel as though they are entering a win-lose situation.  Mediation, however, allows for parties to work towards more satisfactory outcomes in a sensible way. In many cases, mediation allows for solutions that are amenable to both parties, eliminating the need for trial. Mediation encourages disputing parties to work with one another and treat one another with respect in a fair and responsible process, which is extremely helpful in situations where children are involved. Parents can get an opportunity to practice those skills early on, setting the stage for more civil interactions between them after the case has reached its conclusion.

Keeps Parties Involved

In a mediation scenario, both parties are involved in discussion of issues and possible solutions, rather than pitting evidence against one another. A mediator will guide parties through the process, encouraging them to speak about reasonable conclusions and outcomes rather than focusing on attacking one another. Unlike leaving a decision in the hands of a judge, invested parties can work with one another and a mediator to actively move towards resolution.

Going through mediation offers many benefits to disputing parties, including reduced cost, less time invested, the creation of more flexible and customized agreements, and the capability to avoid heated courtroom arguments. For many families, mediation is the right step because it allows relationships to be kept civil and for party-specific resolutions to be put into place. While entering mediation, it is extremely helpful to work under the guidance of a qualified Northern Kentucky Attorney like Cynthia R Clausen. Contact Cynthia today to discuss your individual case.