Mothers Rights

In Northern Kentucky, both parents will be involved in the determination of child custody arrangements. In scenarios where child custody is contested between the two parents, a judge will review all relevant factors to determine a situation that reflects the best interest of the child. Mothers in particular generally deeply concerned about the child’s interest and they are also generally concerned with to what extent they will have time to spend with their children. Most of the time, the rights of the mother and a child custody case are very similar to the rights of the father. Each parent plays an important role in development of the child, and the court conducts a thorough evaluation of all details relevant to the case a before reaching a final decision.

All courts are guided by the concept of the best interest of the child. Although it’s a stereotype that many mothers automatically receive custody in contested cases, this is not always true, and it’s important that mothers obtain qualified legal representation to protect their rights and interests for the duration of a case.

Examples of some of Kentucky mothers rights include:

  • The right to control or limit interruptions during visitation time.
  • The right to interact with her child or children over time and testified in the court custody order.
  • The right to notify police or a judge if a custody order has in any way been violated.
  • The right to schedule and attend activities with the child during their scheduled visitation time.
  • The right to get an injunction to stop the father from transporting the children to another state.


A mother also has obligations when it comes to child custody, regardless of the decision that is made by the court regarding her time with those children. These include the responsibility to report any and all instances of domestic violence affecting her or the children, the obligation to speak to the children’s father civilly and appropriately, and the obligation to obey visitation and custody orders administered by the court. This is generally seen as a two-way street, since fathers are also required to comply with these same standards. Both parents are not allowed to engage in reckless or violent behavior around the children, and this can be considered by a judge when making or altering a custody decision.

Child custody orders may be changed, although a mother might win full custody at the conclusion of her initial case, the father may move to have the custody order changed or move into the appeals process, it is important that a mother has a top Northern Kentucky Attorney like Cynthia R Clausen to stay on top of your rights and responsibilities during that period.

There are numerous rights associated with mothers involved in custody cases.  Don’t wait in scheduling an initial FREE consultation to learn more about your rights.